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Stage 1 of Reopening the Ontario Economy: Is it time for a Duct Cleaning Service?

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has made for a slow start to the year! However, now that we are into Stage 1 of re-opening the economy in Ontario, most cleaning services are able to operate. It’s time to think about whether you need a duct cleaning service. Many homeowners or condo owners are not sure about whether air duct cleaning would be of any help or not.


Here are the top 3 reasons why you DEFINITELY need a yearly duct cleaning service:


Reason #1: Your Health

The ducts in your home or condo push around the warm or cool air from your furnace or air conditioner and they do need to be cleaned, as often as yearly, depending on the size of the house or condo. Over time, dust and debris, which may include mould and fungus, will accumulate in your ducts and these may create air quality problems in your unit or house and can lead to health problems like allergies, coughs and other issues. Especially if you have a baby in the house or an elderly person or immunocompromised person, the bacteria and mould that can build up in your ducts over the winter can cause a lot of respiratory problems! Duct cleaning professionals have high-end tools that can easily get rid of the dust and debris that gets settles in the ducts.

Reason #2: Reduce energy consumption

Cleaning out the ducts can reduce energy consumption and cut down your electricity bill. The reason is that if the ducts are blocked heavily the furnace or AC may have to work extra hard to push through the warm or cool air. Cleaning of dust in the furnace can also help to improve the performance of the system. Often it requires a professional service to properly clean the intricate filters of the air ducts. If you live in a condo, speak with your Property Management about when last this service was done and ask your Board to schedule it as part of yearly maintenance. It might already be covered under the building costs. Cleaning the ducts for the dryer is mandatory in most condos because it can be a fire hazard if the lint builds up over several years.

Reason #3. Its not that expensive to do

Compared to other maintenance items for a house or condo, the average air duct cleaning for most situations costs between $250 and $500, with the price affected by factors like the size of the home, the number of ducts and their configuration. If it’s a house, then usually there is a base fee around $200 and that covers 10-15 duct openings in your home. For each additional duct there is an extra cost. So remember to calculate exactly how many ducts you have before you have the service done.


If You decide to go for it, here is what to expect:

Duct cleaners come with a truck and need to park in the driveway so they can maximize the access into the house. They have a powerful vacuum that sucks everything through a long pipe out of your home so nothing should vent to the inside of your home. In order to access the ducts they often have to unscrew the duct cover plates (metal plates that prevent things falling in the ducts). In older houses this can take extra time and screwing things back in place is not so easy if the screws and plates have become rusted over time.



We Sell Property in Toronto. As Real Estate Agents we pride ourselves on giving back to the Local Community. We support Habitat for Humanity Every time we help a Client.

This helps our community build strength and stability through affordable home ownership.




Real Estate services have been declared an Essential Service in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Team Property416 are independent Realtors for Right at Home Realty (RAHR).

The health and safety of our team members, our agents, and the communities where we live, work and serve across Canada, is the top priority for us. This enduring value guides us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the situation continues to evolve, and with the World Health Organization declaring the outbreak a pandemic, we have been closely monitoring the situation and following local health department guidelines to keep ourselves and our clients and customers safe during this time.

Our Sales Representatives continue to serve our clients in the safest manner possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know more about our policies and procedures please contact us.


TEAM Property416:


Nicholas Searle MSc. REALTOR

Nic has been a licensed Realtor since 2012. Initially with Royal LePage Your Community, he was one of the top leasing agents in the downtown office. In 2014, he joined Right at Home Realty Inc., Brokerage and began to expand into the detached housing market. In recent years he has been working in the commercial market, with a focus on restaurant sales and leasing. Real Estate is his passion and he enjoys helping his clients find the perfect property! Prior to real estate, his professional business background involved medical publishing and educational training. He is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity ( and volunteers at the Canadian Blood Services. He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to travel. He holds a Master of Science degree from McGill University and a Certificate in Teaching English as Second Language (TESL).



Choltida Searle BBA. REALTOR

Choltida (Ann) is with Right at Home Realty Inc., which she joined in 2016. Her expertise is on the Buyer side and she excels in property research and analysis. She also has valuable experience in home and condo staging, and professional photography. Ann loves to promote our client's properties on social media, especially intragram! She is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity ( and practices meditation at . Ann loves to travel and explore new cultures and cuisines. Her professional background prior to real estate was in the jewellery industry where she focused on sales and marketing.  


Nicholas Sider CPA, CGA. REALTOR 

Nicholas has been with Right at Home Realty Inc. since 2019.  Real estate has been a passion since he began buying property for investment in Toronto and Florida. He has worked in the Accounting field since 1993, and brings a wealth of financial knowledge to the table which is of great benefit to any clients who want to invest in commercial or other property. He is a Certified General Account (CGA), and he continues to remain in good standing with the CPA of Ontario. He did his foundational studies at the University of Toronto. Nicholas has a strong interest in property management and can assist his clients well beyond the initial transaction to ensure that they have long lasting investments!







Education: Our Team have all completed the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) Sales Representative exams and are members in good standing with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). We are required to do mandatory training courses every 2 years to ensure we keep up to date with professional developments in this rapidly evolving industry.

Specialty: We sell Property! All types including Residential and Commercial. Sales of Homes, Condos, Detached, Semis and Towns, Commercial Leasing for Office and Restaurant spaces. Apartment leasing and Landlord representation.

Experience: Our Brokerage has been in business over 16 years.

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Area Covered: During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus) we are offering virtual services to our clients and customers by using video and online tools to help in the purchase, sale or lease of residential and commercial properties across the Greater Toronto Area.

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