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How to keep your kids engaged during Covid-19 quarantine

Lets face it, being in social isolation is tough on both the parents and the kids. Depending on the age of your little one(s) the following have helped us keep "sane" when our toddler's energy is more than we think we can handle!

Make a sensory bin

Grab a bucket or a large plastic container. Fill it with anything and everything. Our little guy loves it when its a food bin type. Hint: Cheerios and oats! It keeps him occupied for quite a while. Of course make sure they only eat whats edible!

Dance party

This is something we try to do every day together as a family. Just simply turn on your best radio App, a Youtube music channel or your favorite play list. You will be impressed how your little one invents new moves!

Practice meditation

Reduce stress, anxiety and promote emotional health. It can also increase attention span and improve sleep.Getting toddlers to meditate requires some calming music and a comfy sofa. Watching a spiritual teacher also helps!

Do yoga

You can all do yoga together as a family! There are lots of channels on Youtube. Why not strengthen the body and improve health at the same time. Your toddler will be really curious the first time they see you do a pose....our little one does his own push ups!

Create artwork

You can add food coloring to ice cubes and slide them on a block of paper. Be sure to make enough colors to be able to create rainbows! We put one in the window to send a message of thanks to Healthcare and front line workers.

E-visit the Louvre

The famous Louvre museum in France offers a virtual tour of the exhibition rooms and galleries. Explore Egyptian antiquities, Medieval Louvre or Decorative Arts, the choice is yours! And little kids can really enjoy it if you share the adventure!

Watch the Cincinnati Zoo livestream

The Cincinnati Zoo offers Home Safari on Facebook Live each weekday at 3pm. They will be live-streaming amazing animals and include an activity you can do from home. Time to see a giraffe?

Watch Vancouver Aquarium sea otter cam

Vancouver Aquarium has a sea otter cam that allows you to watch what the sea otters are doing at any given time of day! Monterrey Bay Aquarium also offers sea otter cam and some other animals like penguin,  sharks or jelly fish!

Set up a gym in your living room or backyard

Basketball, soccer, slide or even obstacles encourages active play. It is the best way for children to exercise and get some Vitamin D from sunshine.

Image by Gustavo Rezende from Pixabay

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